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PostSubject: THE 30-A REAL ESTATE MARKET – A CHANGE IS TAKING PLACE !    Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:24 pm

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. We have a lot of things we want to share with you about the 30-A market and GO TO THE BEACH. Let’s start with GO TO THE BEACH… We have been working on a new web site for 6 months and have it to a workable, semi-completed stage. We’ve added some great features and we hope you all take time to explore it. I should mention, you can access it either at or – .COM is our newest addition.

Here are just a few of the updates: You can now search for Short Sales and Foreclosures from Destin to Panama City Beach. We’ve added an interactive map, which allows you to search by Community. We are in the process of adding photos and information about each community to give background information and amenities for each area (Sorry the Community property search is still being refined and should be working in the next 2 weeks).

We are constantly getting calls from people looking for “Long Term Rentals.” We have added a long term rental search feature to our site to help. We also added Buyer and Seller features.

We now have a BLOG, which will keep you up to date with happenings on 30-A and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to participate and make comments and ask questions (Be sure to take a look at our first post about “Young Einstein”, pretty cute if I say so myself, of course he is my grandson). And, of course, you will find our newsletter posted on the site with our constantly changing list of “favorite properties.” These are never just our own listings.

Now for the 30-A market… Things continue to heat up! It is to a point where I believe I can safely say this market has bottomed and is on the other side of the curve. If the current pace of sales for the first 4 months of this year continues, I believe single family sales will exceed 500 units for the year. If I graph that number, you will find there was only one year in the last 10 which exceeded 500 sales and that was at the peak of our market in 2004. While I have not witnessed any price appreciation yet, I believe it is coming in the next 12 months as our starting price point inventory continues to disappear. Also, another indication is our “Short Sale and Foreclosure” inventory along 30-A has dropped 23% in the last 4 months. There are still 96 units for sale but 25% of those I wouldn’t even consider looking at.


Seagrove FL Real Estate
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